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Electronica / Death Metal / Classical


Roma, Roma

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Member Since 7/27/2006
Band Website
Band Members
Influences Mat101, Tim Follin, Rob Hubbard, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Pantera, Martin Galway, Square Pusher, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ermanno Baron, Thelonious Monk, Mariuccio, Autechre, Tom7es, Iron Maiden, Joe Hisaishi, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Ludwig van Beethoven, Kraftwerk, John Zorn, Boards of Napoli, Aphex Twin

Theatre Europe, ©1984 PSS

Aztec Challenge, © 1984 Cosmi

Barbarian, © 1987 Palace Software

Adventureland, © 1982 Adams

Forbidden Forest, © 1983 Cosmi

Castle of Terror, © 1985 Melbourne House

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, © 1988 Lucasfilm

The Movie Monster, © 1986 Epyx

Fort Apocalypse, ©1982 Synapse Software

Archon, © 1983 Free Fall Associates

Impossible Mission, © 1984 Epyx

The Last Ninja 2, © 1988 System 3

Bionic Commando, © 1987 Software Creations

Star Paws, © 1987 Software Projects

Hawkeye, © 1988 Thalamus

IO, © 1988 Firebird

Elite, © 1985 Firebird

Uridium, © 1986 Hewson

Dino Eggs, © 1983 Micro Fun

Predator, © 1987 Activision

The Way of the Exploding Fist, © 1985 Melbourne House

Cauldron 2, © 1986 Palace Software

Blood and Guts, © 1986 American Action

Attack of the Mutant Camels, © 1983 Jeff Minter

Nemesis the Warlock, © 1987 Martech

Project Firestart, © 1988 Electronic Arts

Maniac Mansion, © 1987 Lucasfilm Games

Tass Times in Tonetown, © 1986 Activision

Caveman Ugh-Lympics, © 1986 Electronic Arts

Dragonriders of Pern, © 1983 Epyx

Fernandez Must Die, © 1988 ImageWorks

The Trap Door, © 1986 Piranha

Skate or Die, © 1987 Electronic Arts

Slimey's Mine, © 1988 Silverbird

Phobia, © 1989 Mirrorsoft

Frank Bruno's Boxing, © 1985 Elite

Stroker, © 1983 Magic Carpet Software
Sounds Like MOS 6581 / MOS 8580 on a tv amp.
Record Label

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Jun 26 2009 7:00P
A.A.A. @ Strike Roma, Roma
Aug 10 2009 10:00P
Maremoto Festival S. BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO, Ascoli Piceno

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   About MAT64
MAT64 is not MAT101.
MAT64 is an old-school SID squarewave extremist born to be the terror of the MAT101.

MAT101 has an atarian style, but we look to the future.


MAT64 is pure square wave rage for the masses.
_-_ Square Wave Rage _-_


Happy Fat Guy with Motorbike Stolen me (1999-2006)

Due to huge requests, the 8-bit and original version of "Allegrotto con Moto ma Rubato" album

Basic Electronic Standards Vol.1 (2007)

Live At Toronto
Cover art by Dr.Pira and Mauro Staci

NOISE FEEDER (2006-2007)

Cover art by Blue Mountains, Sydney, AU

TURBOLOAD (2005-2006)


GOODBYE MAT! (1999-2000)


Remixes and tributes list:
Arcadia64 Arcade (Mat101 - "Goodbye Mum")
Zylophobia Zilof (Mat101 - "Goodbye Mum")
(Vivace Cantabvile meno Mosso)
English (Mat101 - "Goodbye Mum")
Anti H.E.R.O. Crash hero (Mat101 - "Goodbye Mum")
Elektro Tribute Remix of Marco Passarani's remix of "Crash Hero" form Mat101 (yes recursive) and cover of "Danni Morali e Fisici" from Mat 101
CBM Master Theme "CBS Master Theme" from Marco Passarani (Sullen Look / Peacefrog)
Level Easy Level one (Mat101 - "Goodbye Mum")
Pfreese Phreese (Mat101 - "Goodbye Mum")
bRUNA not found (unreleased) "lost and found" remix from bRUNA
Theme from Robots in General (unreleased) Tribute to Tom 7
Sid & Bob Highscores
(Più Larghetto molto Grave)
Tribute to Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel Highscores music
Last Ninja Tribute Tribute to Matt Gray, Ben Daglish, Anthony Lees, Reyn Ouwehand
Horace Saga Tribute to Horace's games from Melbourne house
Dirk in the Woodoo Castle Tribute to Scott Adams and Don Bluth
Return in Voodoo Castle / In the Hollow Stump
(Moderatino Maestoso)
Tribute to Scott Adams
Uridium Uridium (Andrew Braybrook's Uridium music by Steve Turner)
Don't worry mindbender / Sushi in the fishbowl Tribute to Ron Gilbert and David Fox
Summon Elemental
(Pesante ma Largamente Sostenuto)
Tribute to Archon, Anne Westfall, Jon Freeman,
Paul Reiche III
Hamster on the run / Hamster in the oven (Gnomone a Piacere) Tribute to the hamster from the Maniac Mansion
(Organetto Diminuito)
Tribute to Valhalla game from Legend
Daddy Mulk Daddy Mulk from ZUNTATA
Get Savage Savage from THE NINJA CONTROLLER
Crystalline Caves Tribute to Fort Apocalypse, Synapse software
Innocent Spider Tribute to Forbidden Forest, Paul Norman
Gaiares64 - Mission 1 (unreleased) Tribute to Gaiares
Marble Madness - level 1&2 (unreleased) Tribute to Marble Madness
The Company of ugly fat eaters (unreleased) Tribute to old roman "stornelli"
Burger time in Tonetown (unreleased) Tribute to Burger Time and Tass Times in Tonetown games
A Horse in Castle Master (unreleased) Tribute to Castle Master game

For more info about Mat101 please visit FinalFrontier website Here.

MAT64 introduction at Red Bull Music Academy 2007 Toronto:
(T-Shirt cover art by 108 NERO)

Red Bull Music Academy Lounge - SONAR 2008:

What is Red Bull Music Academy:

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